What if I don’t understand the information the calculator is asking for?

Ask your cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, or primary care doctor to assist you with entering the information.

What should I do with my results?

Review results with your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon. The results will help you and your doctor decide which treatment is right for you.

I received the Not Applicable message. What should I do now?

You should have a conversation with your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon. There is other research examining the suitability of SAVR versus TAVR for certain patient groups.

I have a bicuspid aortic valve. Can I still use the calculator?

Yes, you can; having a bicuspid aortic valve does not exclude you from using the Calculator.

What is the STS PROM score and how is this risk calculator different?

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Predicted Risk of Mortality (STS PROM) score determines your risk with SAVR, whereas the Aortic Valve ADVICE Risk Calculator compares your risk with SAVR against TAVR. Additionally, the Aortic Valve ADVICE Risk Calculator is able to provide personal risk information (such as 1 year outcomes) that cannot be determined using STS PROM alone.

Can I save my answers and return to them later?

No, the calculator currently does not save information.

Who can see (online) what I am entering?

The calculator does not store results and so only you can see your calculator results.